Sunday, 15 November 2009

These are the results of the 3 portfolios as at Frid 13/11/09. The 3 portfolios are called Profit Taker, Profit Runner and the newly synthesised  middle of the road portfolio will be called Profit Hybrid, (P taker, P Runner and P Hybrid for short.)
P Hybrid has had the same buys and sells as P Taker but only half the number of shares have been sold.

P Taker Open Positions
P Taker Closed Trades

P Hybrid Open Positions
P Hybrid Closed Trades

P Runner Open Positions
P Runner Closed Trades

The P Hybrid portfolio has a total open equity of $56733.98 which is approx halfway between P Taker's $56176.56 and P Runner's $57331.25  (The difference is half the cost of 2 brokerage fees)

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