Sunday, 28 December 2014

Buy/Sells for Monday 29th Dec 2014

No Sells

I'll be buying EGP Monday at the open.

EGP  Echo Entertainment
ASX 100, Midcap 50, Consumer  Discretionary,  Consumer Services, Hotels Restaurants & Leisure,  Casinos & Gaming.
Currently gaining approx 60%pa, but be aware this one is high risk as EGP may or may not win the bid for the Integrated Resort at Queen's wharf Brisbane.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Open positions 26 December 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

New equity high again for P Runner

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 22nd December 2014

No Sells for either portfolio
No Buys as my market switch is off.
I'm tempted to buy the ETF GOLD but it's just a little too soon just yet.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Open Positions 20th Dec 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

New equity high for P Runner

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday December 14th

P Hybrid - No buys or sells
P Runner - I'll be selling /taking profit in DMP
Market switch is still off so no buys.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Open positions December 13th 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

The All Ords went down 2.2% this week, compared to P Hybrid down 0.23% and P Runner down 0.58%

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Buys/Sells for Mon Decenber 8th 2014

Sells for Monday at the open
P Hybrid I'll be selling SPK - Spark NZ Ltd & TPG - Telecom Ltd TPM
P Runner Hold all.
No buys, market switch still off. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Open positions December 6th 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

FPH went exdiv on 3rd Dec paying 5.27c per share. Has been held by P Runner for 495 days to date & has paid 3 dividends.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 1st Dec 2014

No sells
No Buys, All Ords Index switch is Off
Considered buying into Healthcare as it's the strongest sector, but my method is to buy dips & there's nothing suitable this week.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Open positions 29th November 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

Very little change this week, a reasonable result all things considered.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 23rd November 2014

P Hybrid - I'll be Selling/Taking Profit in DMP
P Runner - Holding all stocks

Aussie market switch/filter is Off
US market switch/filter is On
China has lowered interest rates which should boost their economy which in turn should boost our exports, so we may see a rise in stock prices next week especially the miners.
I expect my Aussie market switch to turn on next week, but I'm not going to pre-empt  it, I'll act on what actually happens not what I think is going to happen.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Open positions 22nd November 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

FPH goes ex-div in about 12 days on 3rd December
Will pay 5.2665c per share.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 17th November 2014

No Sells 
No Buys as my Aussie market switch has turned Off 
Most US Index switches are still On except for Russell 2000

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Open positions 15th November 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

A good week, both portfolios up over 1.5% and P Runner has reached a new equity high.
The All Ords Index was down 1.5% for the week and the ASX 100 was down 1.8%

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 10th November 2014

No Sells
Market switch is ON
Buy SPK for both portfolios Monday at the open
SPK, Spark NZ Ltd ASX 200
 Telecommunication Services. Telecommunication Services. Diversified Telecommunication Services. Integrated Telecommunication Services.
Goes ex div March & September
There was a name change 08/08/14 from Telecom Corp NZ to Spark.
Rant follows :)
The name change makes no sense to me, they're a telecom company and now the name 'Spark' makes them sound like a power company. I expect in a couple of years they'll spend another few million dollars changing it to something more appropriate.
Telstra does a similar thing over here with the local phone directory, every year they swap the order of the white pages & yellow pages or turn one upside-down in the phone book seemingly just to make it new.
They could put the money to better use by increasing the dividend!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Open positions 8th November 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

P Runner is close to new equity high.
I'm getting close to dropping P Hybrid, it's clearly being outperformed by the wider exit on P Runner.
My new daily system is coming along, I'm still forward testing it but it has real potential due the higher trade frequency.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 3rd November 2014

Market switch ON
No Sells
Buy SHV for both portfolios
SHV; Select Harvests, ASX 300 Small Ords
Consumer Staples. Food Beverage & Tobacco. Food Products. Agricultural Products
SP $6.29 Goes ex-div in March & September pays around 10c
SP has gained approx 400% over the last 2 years.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Open positions 1st November 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

No divis last week, the next stock to go ex-dividend is FPH in about a month.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 27th October 2014

No Sells
Buy SGH for both portfolios Monday at the open
SGH: Slater & Gordon Ltd, ASX 200,
 Consumer Discretionary. Consumer Services. .Diversified Consumer Services. Specialized Consumer Services
SP $6.18, next ex div date March 2015 around 5 cents.
Has gained approx 60% over the last year
Now trending up after a recent pullback.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Open positions 25th October 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

Last 10 Closed trades to 25th October 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

Total Dividends starting 7th September 2013
P Hybrid $1751.28
P Runner $2761.01

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 20th October 2014

No Sells & no Buys either as my market switch/index filter is still off. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Open positions 18th October 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

Much to my surprise, both portfolios are up this week, totally unexpected.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 13th October 2014

No buys for next week, my Market Switch is off for the 4th week running.
P Hybrid Sell GXL & VOC
P Runner Sell GXL, APA & NHF
Both portfolios are automatically reducing market exposure.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 6th October 2014

The following stocks have closed below their exits
 P Hybrid Sell NHF & SKI
P Runner Sell SEK
Monday should be a good upday, a good day to sell.
Market switch is still off so no new buys yet.
I'll post the updated closed trades spreadsheet after the above sells.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Open positions 4th October 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner

I think there will be a few sells in both portfolios on Monday morning, one (SEK) taking a large profit, some taking a relatively small loss.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 29th September 2014

Yesterday's post disappeared into cyberspace, so to repeat...

Market switch is off - No Buys
P Hybrid sell GEM at the open
 A great weekend, friends & good company, a spit roast BBQ, & the Hawks winning by 63 points.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Open positions 27th September 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

Feels good to be reducing exposure, when the market volatility is increasing.
GEM was the only stock to go exdiv last week & I'll be selling that on Monday.
Go the Hawks

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 22nd Sept 2014

My Market switch is still off so no buys.

 P Hybrid Sell/take profit APA
P Runner Sell/take profit CSR

Dr Steenbarger warns that the Bull Market is over for much of the Stock Market

Open positions 21st September 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

SEK went ex dividend on 17/09/2014, that's the 3rd dividend this stock has paid me & is currently my longest held stock at 433 days.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 15th September 2014

Market switch is off so no buys
Sell SHL in both portfolios
SHL recently went ex dividend and although the exit was adjusted down by the dividend amount it still closed below the exit in both portfolios.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Open positions 13th September 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

Ex dividends this week were RHC & NHF 
VOC was missed last week so I added it in this week, at $0.01 per share it doesn't make much difference!
The NHF divi of $0.1475 was a special dividend & was worth just over $240

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Buys/Sells for Mon 8th September 2014

No Sells for either portfolio
Buy TPM for both portfolios 
TPM  ASX 200 Small Ords
 Telecommunication Services. Telecommunication Services. .Diversified Telecommunication Services. Integrated Telecommunication Services
Next dividend early Oct 2014
Currently gaining around 100% pa
I have bought this before, back in March & broke even on the trade, I'm thinking my timing has improved since then.. we shall see!
PS   P Runner is at a new equity high. 

Open positions 7th September 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

GXL went exdiv on the 4th Sept   $35.77
SHL went exdiv on the 5th Sept  $112.80
SKI went exdiv on the 1st Sept   $144.72
Total each portfolio                      $293.29
Next week NHF & RHC go exdiv

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Buys/Sells for Mon 1st September 2014

P Hybrid Buy VOC Mon at the open
P Runner Sell BPT Buy VOC

VOC  Vocus Communications Ltd, ASX 300

 Telecommunication Services. Telecommunication Services. Diversified Telecommunication Services. Alternative Carriers
Goes exdiv 05/09/2014 1c 100% and is currently on a 100% pa weekly trend.

Open positions 31st August 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

Upcoming dividends:
SKI goes exdiv tomorrow 1st september & BPT goes exdiv on the 3rd but unfortunately my system has a sell on that so I'll miss out.
GXL goes exdiv on the 4th & SHL on Friday the 5th Sept.

Looking through the dividends I saw that in April 2014 I should have added the dividend of SEK  to the P Runner portfolio.. (
 It went exdiv on 03/04/14 & should have been added in the post on Sat 5th April, but it was overlooked so I've added it in this week.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 25th August 2014

P Hybrid
 Sell CSR  Buy GEM

P Runner
 Buy GXL

Both GEM & GXL are on a tear to meet their due dividend destinies in September! 

Open Positions 24th August 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

DMP was purchased 2 weeks ago & has since gained 20% and paid a dividend, noice!


I've been forward testing my new short term end of day trading system in the ASX Share Trading Game 

The brokerage fee of $20 each way is a drag on equity, especially when you have nearly 20 positions!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 18th August

No Sells
Buy SKI for both portfolios Monday
SKI, Spark Infrastructure Group
ASX 100 - Midcap 50 - Utilities. Utilities. Electric Utilities. Electric Utilities

 Usually goes ex div end of Aug, closed at 1.97 last 5 divis paid over 0.05
For a utility it's going like a train.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Open positions 16th August 2014

P Hybrid

P Runner 

No dividends this week, should start next week.

Closed Trades 16th August 2014

P Hybrid
Last 10 closed trades
P Runner
Last 10 closed trades

Started collecting dividends nearly a year ago in September 2013
Dividends to date:
P Hybrid $1078.96
P Runner $1922.57
This years Aug/Sept dividends still to come.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 11th August 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner
No Buys, Market switch is off

Friday, 8 August 2014

Open positions 8th August 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner
Posting early this week, but the above results are after Friday's close.
There will be a lot of sells for Monday!
Gold stocks are about the only thing going up at the moment, probably a result of all the conflict around the world. I've bought a few gold miners/explorers (KCN, NST & SAR) in a short term daily system that I'm forward testing in the ASX share trading game. Will probably post the sells for these weekly portfolios late Sunday. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 4th August 2014

Only 1 sell this week: P Runner Sell MQG 
My US market switch is off surprise surprise, not, but my Aussie market switch is still on, so although it's the last thing my psyche wants to do...
Buy   DMP Domino's Pizza for both portfolios at the open on Monday.
DMP ASX 200 Small Ords
Consumer Discretionary. Consumer Services. .Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure. Restaurants
Domino's Pizza goes ex div approx 21st August, hopefully around the 18c mark. 

The ASX share trading game starts on Thurday this week 
I've developed an end of day system which I'm going to forward test in the game over the 3 months that the game runs. If it turns out to be any good I'll add it to this blog when the game ends.
Sharp edges!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 28th July 2014

P Hybrid Sell MQG, Buy AWE
P Runner Sell JHX, Buy NHF

Taking dividend & small capital gain profit in MQG & small capital loss in JHX (but got the dividend.)

I'm buying NHF for P Runner as I already hold it in P Hybrid & it's good to hold the same stocks in both portfolios as it makes for a more valid comparison of both methods. Plus it's as good as anything else I was considering like APN or ALL.
AWE looks to be resuming an uptrend after a pullback
AWE:ASX 200 Small Ords
Energy. Energy. Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
Hasn't paid a dividend since Dec 2011 but the P Hybrid exit is more suited to faster stocks than the slower dividend paying stocks.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Open positions 26th July 2014

P Hybrid
P Runner

Both portfolios had a welcome rise, possibly the dividend effect starting to show.