Monday, 21 December 2009

Mon Buys & Sells

Bids in for RSG @ 1.00  &  TPM @ 1.675
Just discovered SOT has changed it's code to TPM and has been trading as TPM since early Dec, so I've cancelled the TPM bid!
name changed to TPG Telecom Limited07/12/2009
the suspension of trading in the securities of SOT will be lifted immediately, following the release of an announcement of the proposed deal with Pipe Networks (PWK) whereby SOT will acquire all PWK shares for $6.30 cash a share11/11/2009
Will now have to re-do the open positions, but the bonus is that TPM closed at 1.74 compared to last close in SOT at 1.63

Updated Open Positions for 18th Dec '09
P Taker

P Hybrid

P Runner

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