Saturday, 8 May 2010

May 8th end of week Portfolio Summary

Open Positions
P Taker

P Hybrid

P Runner

Portfolio Management
All stocks except CPL have now closed below their exits.
CPL will be held and all remaining stocks will be sold on Monday 10th May at the open.
No new positions to be taken next week, suprise surprise!

Last 10 Closed Trades P Taker

Last 10 Closed Trades P Hybrid

P Runner no change in closed trades from 1st March


Dave said...

I absolutely love what you're doing on this site! A brilliant experiment. If the Market Wizards count for anything... they would say let your "profits run" - I'm definitely barracking for the profit runner!

Jared said...

Interesting work! Keep it up. Would be good if you had a feedburner so I could subscribe via email if possible. Goodluck!

StuntTrader said...

@ Dave, thanks, I'm thinking that the P Hybrid will do best in the long run, only time will tell..

StuntTrader said...

@ Jared, I only update the blog once a week now, so that may not be necessary?
That "Russell's Travel Blog" looks interesting, I've bookmarked it for a read one day, cheers.