Sunday, 1 August 2010

1st August end of week/month portfolio summary.

Open Positions
P Taker - No Change

P Hybrid

P Runner

Portfolio Management
GOLD to be sold Mon at the open.
 Index switch is off so no new positions to be opened. 


Dave said...

Hi - just curious as to what you are looking for for the index switch to be positive again? Hope you are well - Cheers, Dave.

StuntTrader said...

Hi Dave,
It would take a broad US & ASX Equities Market uptrend to turn the switch back on. (With the exception of ETF GOLD)
As it is, the ASX has gone sideways & down about 3% since I started this on 14/09/09
While this is preventing me from buying & selling stocks in the portfolios as I would like, it is preserving the original capital of each portfolio for more suitable market conditions.

Dave said...

Nice ST - looking forward to it. I'd almost prefer a bear market to this sideways crawl at the moment!