Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dec 5th end of week/month Summary

Open Positions
P Taker

P Hybrid

P Runner

Portfolio Management
Action for Mon 6th Dec at the open:

All 3 Portfolios: Buy DCG 

P Taker: Sell all CGG 

P Hybrid: Sell half  CGG & WEC

P Runner: Hold all


Dave said...

Looks like there is some truth to Jack Schagger's "Market Wiazards" book after all - every one of his interviewees said "Let your profits run"!

Loving your site by the way - keep up the great work!

StuntTrader said...

Thanks for your comments Dave,
I hope I can keep this updated over Christmas.
Although P Runner is doing the best so far, when the drawdowns come it's going to suffer the most & would be hard to handle psychologically.
I still think that in the long run P Hybrid will do the best, time will tell!