Sunday, 20 November 2011

20th November 2011 end of week summary

The potential uptrend lost momentum this week and we're back to sideways again on most major Indices

P Taker - Unchanged

P Hybrid

P Runner

No buys no sells -  such is life, as Ned once famously said.

Started this blog on 14/09/09 over two years ago when the XAO was at 4596.5
It's now 4246.68


Dave said...

Looks like you dodged a bullet here ST - market falling away again after your signal switched off. Nice one!

StuntTrader said...

Cheers Dave, that's one of the benefits of a weekly system. You avoid a lot of noise by only taking signals off completed weekly bars.
OHLC type that is, not the sort with stools :)