Sunday, 8 January 2012

8th Jan 2012 end of week summary

Portfolios at close of trading Friday 6/1/2012
 P Taker $45648.44
P Hybrid $49323.07
P Runner $59485.73

I have only one stock RRL left in 2 portfolios.
It's a gold producer/explorer & has done well while the market as a whole has not.

The last 8 months have barely enabled me to test the two opposing market theories which are the whole point of this Blog, so it has now become a question of whether to continue this long only Blog or not.

The EFT GOLD & a few other gold stocks have risen as the market has fallen.

So I have decided that while my Market Switch is off, as it has been for the last 8 Months, I will take long positions when appropriate in the GOLD EFT & gold producers if they meet my criteria and at the moment GOLD EFT does not, but a few of the Gold stocks such as SLR,RSG & TRY do so.

It's a coin toss between them so I'll go for the one that has produced the best gains over the last year & that's SLR.
So once more unto the breach..
Buy $5k SLR in all 3 portfolios Monday at the open.


Dave said...

Hey ST,

Would LOVE to see a long / short portfolio along with the long only ones. I truly believe a strong shorting system will be essential going into the next few years.

Whatever you decide though, keep the blog going! It's really good!


StuntTrader said...

Hi Dave

Have been looking at Forex but apparently, first you have to find a good Forex broker!