Saturday, 18 February 2012

18th Feb 2012 end of week summary

Open Positions
P Taker
P Hybrid
P Runner

Portfolio management
P Taker:   Sell SLR Mon 20th Feb & take profit
P Hybrid:  Take profit on half SLR position & hold balance
P Runner:  Hold SLR
Market switch is off, so no new positions next week.
Not too much damage done so far, we'll wait & see if this weekly ASX downtrend  reverses (in which case we'll add positions) or continues (where we will stay out & close positions according to our rules) 


Dave said...

Looking good ST - hopefully this week will bring some more gains.

Dave said...

AWE, NWH and DLS all going off. Nice one, solid picks! How are you finding this reporting season? A few movers about...

StuntTrader said...

The rising tide is floating my boats & everyone else's.
Esp those with "Beta" in their name
Makes a nice change from previous months.
Lifeboats are checked & ready.

Dave said...

Good call - stops saved me more than once in 2011. Although it is nice to have the tide coming IN for a change.