Sunday, 22 April 2012

22nd April 2012 end of week summary

As the result of P Hybrid is always going to be somewhere in between the other 2 portfolios (because it uses the same exits as the other 2 portfolios, half position on each) I have decided to give it an extra intermediate exit between that of P Taker & P Runner.
This will result in even more Sell brokerage for P Hybrid which may be too much drag at Australian brokerage rates in which case I will look at doubling the position sizes or switching to a cheaper broker such as IB..or both, but we'll see how it forward tests first before making any other changes.

Orders for Monday 22nd April at the open:

P Taker Sell/take profit APA 1024 shares
P Hybrid Sell/take profit  APA 474 shares
P Runner Hold APA 1024 shares

Open Positions
P Taker $47679.99
P Hybrid $52098.84
P Runner $63888.95

Market switch is OFF - no new buys for next week.

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