Sunday, 1 December 2013

Buys & Sells for 2013-12-02

P Taker sell OKN
P Hybrid sell STO
P Runner hold all
Buy BGA for P Taker & P Hybrid

I am thinking of closing P Taker soon, as it is definitely the worst performer of the 3 portfolios.
I may replace it with a new daily system which should give better entries & exits and also increase the trade frequency.
Other changes will be to initial equity to reduce brokerage drag,  and the position sizing method will be changed from fixed sum to % Risk or % Volatility.
The trailing stop will change from trailing weekly bars to a close under the swing lows,  and the trading universe will be increased to the entire ASX instead of just the All Ords.
Did I mention the price, volume & value filters too? :)
Am forward testing it at the moment & if it's an improvement over P Taker I plan on starting it from scratch after the Christmas holidays.  Will also continue the best of the weekly portfolios for comparison.

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