Sunday, 9 November 2014

Buys/Sells for Monday 10th November 2014

No Sells
Market switch is ON
Buy SPK for both portfolios Monday at the open
SPK, Spark NZ Ltd ASX 200
 Telecommunication Services. Telecommunication Services. Diversified Telecommunication Services. Integrated Telecommunication Services.
Goes ex div March & September
There was a name change 08/08/14 from Telecom Corp NZ to Spark.
Rant follows :)
The name change makes no sense to me, they're a telecom company and now the name 'Spark' makes them sound like a power company. I expect in a couple of years they'll spend another few million dollars changing it to something more appropriate.
Telstra does a similar thing over here with the local phone directory, every year they swap the order of the white pages & yellow pages or turn one upside-down in the phone book seemingly just to make it new.
They could put the money to better use by increasing the dividend!

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